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    dtac Business Share 3 Secrets To MAX Your Business Digital Transformation

    dtac Business Introduces dtac BIZ 5G MAX DIGITAL Packages For Enterprise Usage

    21 April 2023 – dtac Business builds on the synergy of dtac and True to raise standards for enterprise customers, accelerating the digital transformation of SMEs, large enterprises, and industries. Utilizing IoT, Robotics, AI analytics, and Blockchain solutions for business partners domestically and overseas, Thai businesses in any sector can raise their competitiveness through higher efficiency and lower costs.

    dtac Business introduces “dtac BIZ 5G MAX Digital” packages to help bolster SME operational efficiency with Thailand’s best connectivity. Sign up now for 5G and 4G fast coverage nationwide with the broadest bandwidth in the country, dtac’s 4G and 5G featuring 700 MHz spectrum for superlative coverage upcountry and indoors in the cities.

    Accelerating Digital Transformation for SMEs

    Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups numbering up to 3 million play an important role in driving the digital economy. A case in point: the one hundred or so thousand enterprise clients of dtac Business purchased 800% additional digital solutions or 5 times more than average during the COVID-19 pandemic. This evidently shows that SMEs and startups are active drivers of digital transformation. dtac Business worked hard and still working hard to deliver the best communication and digital solutions to support SMEs in their business transformation, utilizing technology to differentiate and enhance business competitiveness.

    3 Secrets To MAX Your Business Digital Transformation

    1. Control your enterprise’s internal communication expenses with planning and budgeting. Make online meetings efficient and productive.
    2. Build employee capacity on digital marketing, keeping them abreast of the latest tech trends and emerging online marketing channels.
    3. Take care of your employees so they can take care of your business.

    To address all of the above, dtac introduces “dtac BIZ 5G MAX DIGITAL” offering 3 packages to suit various enterprise sizes starting at only 599 Baht per month.

    • Free unlimited calls to any carrier 24/7.
    • No internet charges for online conferencing on True VROOM, Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft teams for 12 months.
    • Free online capacity-building courses via VCOURSE: Digital Marketing fundamentals, SEO, Facebook Ads fundamentals, TikTok content creation, and Google Ads fundamentals.
    • Take care of your well-being with the MorDee telemedicine app where your staff can book to consult online with real medical doctors on physical health, nutrition, beauty, and mental health.
    • Up to 50% off Google Workspace plus a free domain for 1 year when you sign-up with dtac BIZ 5G MAX Digital.

    SMEs and startups are Better Together using “dtac BIZ 5G MAX Digital” – sign-up now or check out

    Facebook: or dtac BIZ Call Center 1431 24 Hours a day.