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    The First in Thailand True joined force with GSMA and leading global mobile network operators The First in Thailand True joined force with GSMA and leading global mobile network operators

    A remarkable advancement as telecom-tech company.
    The first in Thailand! True CORPORATION (True) joined force with GSMA AND LEADING GLOBAL MOBILE NETWORK OPERATORS
    to develop global Mobile Network Open APIs, transforming mobile data services, Enhancing Customer experiences, and paving
    the way for new revenue streams in the telecommunication industry
    True solidifies its telecom-tech company vision through the collaboration with GSMA, becoming the first provider in Thailand to join the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, a strategic alliance to jointly develop Mobile Network Open APIs with 31 mobile network operators. The deployment allows real-time access and interconnection with True mobile network through open global APIs, leveraging True’s telecommunication and digital infrastructure potential and monetizing network capabilities through Mobile Network Open APIs. It also enables variety of digital services, creating opportunities to generate new revenue streams for telecom business as well as support business organizations to increase value for end consumers. Moreover, this collaboration paves the way in co-operating and innovating digital services with both Thai and International start-ups and developers to deliver benefits and state-of-the-art digital experiences and sustainably drive the nation’s digital economy with sustainable growth.

    Mr. Julian Gorman, Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA said that “We look forward to working with True and welcoming them as our newest partner in the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, a global industry framework designed to help accelerate digital services and mobile apps. Asia-Pacific represents the largest mobile market in the world, with Thailand having one of its largest populations. By uniting mobile operators in Asia with the rest of the world, the industry together can create, enhance and bring new digital services and immersive technologies to market faster and to a wider global customer base. It will also unlock further value from 5G connectivity which will flow into the global economy and strengthen future investments, bringing transformational benefits of connectivity to all.”

    Mr. Manat Manavutiveth, Chief Executive Officer of True Corporation Plc. said that “The Mobile Network Open APIs initiative is a new generation network that change paradigm of telecom industry worldwide including Thailand. It enables mobile operators in monetizing network capabilities leading to opportunities for new revenue streams beyond the current connectivity services. Therefore, the collaboration between GSMA and True to develop and deploy Mobile Network Open APIs together with 31 world-class mobile network operators is our pride and key milestone that reflects True’s vision as the leading telecom-tech company which will be more than network provider. We would like to thank GSMA for welcoming True as the first strategic Open Gateway alliance partner in Thailand with confidence in the solid telecom & digital infrastructure as well as the potential to enhance the network capacity to meet international standard along with creating digital ecosystem. With the co-operation with several organizations, start-up network, tech business operators and software & application developers to create state-of-the-art digital innovation and promote the country’s digital economy, Mobile Network Open APIs will help start-ups, local and international developers to connect functions, applications and various platforms of True network under same open APIs with other network providers worldwide. This will speed up the business growth in various countries worldwide as well as increasing business organizations’ potential in developing platforms or applications that rapidly, accurately and suitably increase value among consumers in the digital era.”

    Mobile Network Open API creates opportunity for new revenue generation in the telecom industry.

    Mobile Network Open APIs (part of framework of GSMA Open Gateway), jointly established by leading mobile operators globally allow developers or organizations to access and interact with functions and data of network operators under common APIs, with the ability to connect and accommodate various digital innovation services from every corner of the world, generating new revenue streams for telecom business and benefits for the telecom industry in the digital era.

    • Promote developers and provide conveniences to develop new applications that work seamlessly on mobile networks worldwide through open international APIs while enhancing the experience of application users.
    • Support innovations and growth of digital ecosystem through co-operation with mobile phone operators, developers or business organizations in order to create digital innovation services to accommodate the demand of consumers in the new era and opportunity for mobile phone operators to increase value from in-depth data.
    8 Network APIs under GSMA Open Gateway MoU
    The Network Open APIs were invented and developed under the collaboration with GSMA alliances with services started in 8 Network APIs including SIM Swap, Quality on Demand, Device Status, Number Verification, Simply Edge Discovery, One Time Password SMS, Carrier Billing - Check Out and Device Location. True will deploy these world-class Network Open APIs to provide services in Thailand for business organizations and developers to efficiently connect with True network. At the same time, it will join force with leading mobile phone operator alliances worldwide to develop new Network Open APIs to enhance the global telecom industry in order to fulfill the customer’s usage and build sustainable future business growth.