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    True Corporation Reveals #HappyMonthsary - The Number of True-dtac Customers Enjoying Privileges Soars to Over 20 Million

    • Half-Million More Digital Platform Users
    • 12 Million Subscribers on Roaming Service Enjoying Superior Connectivity

    April 4, 2023 – True and dtac subscribers embrace the synergy of True Corporation to deliver Better Together reflected in enjoyment with over 20 million new privileges redeemed in the first month. To reward customers, True Corporation is doubling the number of partners privileges in the second quarter of 2023 for both True and dtac customers. The campaign starts from now to 15 June 2023, at every Central Department Store.


    Mr. Manat Manavutiveth, Chief Executive Officer of True Corporation PLC, said, “Today we strive to create a leading regional telecom-tech company focused on offering digital innovations and services for consumers and enterprises, supporting our vision to accelerate the Thai digital economy. In the first month of our synergy combining the best of True and dtac, our customers have responded positively and overwhelmingly to our new privileges. We are determined to deliver superior digital experiences to all our customers across the country, offering a vast range of digital products, services, and solutions to help elevate online lifestyles today and in the future.”

    True Corporation's vision is to become the leader in telecom tech that empowers the transformation of Thai people's lives and accelerate the digital economy to the forefront. We are developing the digital infrastructure required to unleash the country’s growth potential in the long term by providing 98% national coverage of 5G by 2026. Realizing this vision will support Thailand’s digital leadership in Southeast Asia.

    Mr. Sharad Mehrotra, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of True Corporation PLC stated “We believe that this is a landmark in digital transformation with positive implications for the ecosystem and ways of life. This allows the building of capacity for Thailand in the long term and contributes to sustainable economic development. We are determined to be the Thai leader in telecom technology to support and transform the lives of Thai people, reduce inequality, and drive the country forward to be amongst the digital economic leaders.”

    Today, customers of True and dtac are enjoying better coverage and connectivity, resulting from our effort to combine the networks of both carriers. By enabling cross-carrier roaming subscribers of both brands, dtac subscribers can use True’s 2600 MHz 5G network, while True subscribers can use dtac's 700 MHz 5G and 4G networks – in all 77 provinces of Thailand.

    A recent True and dtac customer satisfaction survey found that subscribers are more satisfied after our synergy to deliver “Better Together”. Here is a summary of progress in the past month:

    • Around 12 million subscribers have better experiences from True-dtac roaming services.
    • True and dtac customers have enjoyed 20 million new privileges.
    • Half a million new subscribers signed up on our digital platforms.
    • Gaming Nation platform gained 25% more new gamers.
    • True-dtac customers to receive more privileges with double the partners in Q2/2023.

    In response to the overwhelming interest in the special privileges, True Corporation is planning to offer even more goodies and freebies up for grabs in the second quarter. The aim is to double the number of participating retailers where True and dtac customers can redeem points for special privileges. They will range from neighborhood convenience shops, to shopping centers, and airports in all regions across Thailand. Our customers can enjoy the special discounts at their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and claim car parking rebates at all branches of Central Department Store, from 1 April to 15 June 2023.